Title for real estate in Northern Cyprus

Tourists come to Northern Cyprus for a quality holiday. Everyone tries to spend their vacation time as comfortably as possible. But those citizens who are seriously thinking about buying real estate on the island and moving here for permanent residence are asking questions. The first one that worries everyone is the international legal status of the territory. Is it possible that if you buy a small property in Cyprus, after some time it will be taken away or you will be required to pay a large tax?

Future owners of houses, apartments and villas are concerned about the legality of purchasing housing for foreign citizens. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is still not recognized by many countries in Europe and the world, with the exception of Azerbaijan and Turkey. This creates an unclear picture among island guests and local residents regarding the legal acquisition of real estate. So is it worth purchasing property in Northern Cyprus and what is the title of the island?

In modern reality, the territory of the island, washed by the warm sea and attracting tourists with fragrant gardens, is divided into two parts. The northern part is for Turkish Cypriots, the southern part is for Greek Cypriots. Between 1974 and 2000, land in Northern Cyprus had several statuses, including TMD, Pre-74 and Exchange - these are no longer considered. The Commission created by the European Court of Human Rights abolished these statuses. Today the country has the only legal title of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The origin of the earth is not described anywhere, not recorded, and no longer has any significance, because answers to all problematic questions have been found.

Those who purchase housing today can rest assured that purchase and sale transactions are carried out legally. The Island Real Estate Commission - IPA TRNC - has settled monetary issues with the former land owners. Greek Cypriots are being paid compensation. There is only one title on the island state of Northern Cyprus; it has a single form established by the cadastre.

Buyers of real estate in Northern Cyprus can be sure:

  • purchase and sale transactions are subject to local laws;
  • the standards do not contradict international standards;
  • ownership of housing is assigned to the owner of the house.
  • the risk of losing real estate due to issues of disputed territories no longer exists.

Features of the legal status of housing in Northern Cyprus

Title of the property

The legal status of immovable properties on the territory of Northern Cyprus is established by local regulations.

There are many housing options available to buyers. Villas with a private pool, which are distinguished by an increased level of comfort for living, houses with a garden and sea views. Multi-storey buildings providing 1-2-3 room apartments or studios. Cottages with modern renovation and furniture.

There are several ways to buy property in Northern Cyprus from a developer:

  • buy primary housing with a one-time payment and receive a small discount;
  • purchase premises at the construction stage with installments.

Regulatory documentation of the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) was updated in February 2023.

Types of real estate titles in the TRNC

Disputes about the recognition of lands in the Turkish part of Cyprus have not subsided to this day. But future homeowners in this territory should know that all real estate purchase transactions are protected by the laws of not only the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, but also the European Court. Not a single person who has purchased an apartment or villa over the past 20 years has lost their property. All claims regarding the ownership of the territory made by the Greek Cypriots are considered in a specially created Committee on Land Issues, and this in no way concerns the current owner of this property.

Previously, the following real estate titles in the TRNC were relevant for home buyers:

  • Turkish - before the lands were divided into 2 parts in 1974, purchased property in Northern Cyprus belonged to foreigners or Turks. There were no claims to this title from Greek Cyprus;
  • exchange - starting in 1974, the authorities exchanged real estate and land in Northern Cyprus left by the Greeks for real estate and land left by Turkish Cypriots in the southern part of the island. The essence of this title is that before the division of the territory, the owner of the house and land were Greek Cypriots, after which they moved to the Greek side in housing allocated by agreement from lands belonging to Turkish Cypriots;
  • donated - the dwellings left by the Greeks after the 1974 conflict, Northern Cyprus privatized and handed over to refugees, military personnel, immigrants from Turkey, which contributed to a decrease in the crime rate and an increase in the number of people without a fixed place of residence.

Today, for buyers of real estate in Northern Cyprus there is a single Title - the Title of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Specifics of obtaining title to real estate in the Northern part of Cyprus

Property in Northern CyprusFavorable ecology in Cyprus, high-quality medicine, professional education that allows you to prepare a child for admission to European universities - all this attracts foreign investors. Some buy property in Cyprus for themselves, others rent it out, and others build a business network. These beneficial factors are contributing to the rapid growth in the construction of stealth facilities. The demand for housing is growing every month. Making purchase and sale transactions has become safe and legal. Don’t worry that if you bought a house, then in a year it will become the property of the state or some former owners. If you are not afraid of numerous myths about purchasing a villa or some other real estate in the TRNC, then it will be interesting to know what the purchase procedure consists of when contacting our company:

  • submit an application indicating the desired area, type of property and purpose of purchase (vacation, moving with children, etc.);
  • study of the housing market in Northern Cyprus;
  • choosing the appropriate option for purchasing property;
  • preparation of the necessary documentation in accordance with local legislation;
  • conclusion of an agreement;
  • transfer of ownership.

Have you decided to move to Northern Cyprus? Cast aside all doubts - on this small island, both agencies and developers value their reputation and will offer the most profitable housing options for you.