Introductory tour of real estate in Northern Cyprus

An introductory tour of real estate in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus allows you to combine two things at the same time! Even if you don’t make the final decision to buy an apartment in Northern Cyprus, you will still find yourself in a winning situation!

During the viewing tour, you can ask our specialists any questions you may have. If you managed to find the apartment of your dreams, then we will help you carry out the procedure for purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus. If you prefer to explore other housing options, we will definitely look into this issue.

Our company's specialists have extensive experience in investing in real estate in the Northern part of the peninsula. They will help you prepare the necessary documents for buying a home, and will also accompany you at every stage of the purchase and sale transaction.

Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus
Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus
Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus

What to expect from the study tour?

The introductory tour provides the investor with a number of advantages:

  1. Rest. It’s enough to imagine how you walk for the first time in places that can become your second home. This is a great opportunity to find out how comfortable you feel in Northern Cyprus, and whether it is worth coming back here again.
  2. Saving money. If you purchase real estate, part of your costs may be reimbursed by our company. Also, you will be able to save your savings, since housing prices here are lower than in European countries. In addition to money, you save your own time, because our employees are involved in planning a tour of the Northern part of the peninsula, solving questions about meetings and booking rooms in apartments.
  3. A smart choice. You will be able to see with your own eyes all the available housing options and get acquainted with the best offers in Cyprus. During your stay here you will collect information about the region, infrastructure and education.

Our specialists provide clients only with reliable and complete information. We are aimed at long-term cooperation and a good reputation of the company.

Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus
Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus
Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus

What real estate options will you see?

Our employees are developing a plan for preliminary viewing of houses, apartments and apartments, so we show not only finished objects, but also those under construction. You will be able to independently assess the quality of the house’s construction, the availability of communications, infrastructure and location.

The main and most popular real estate options in the UK are:

  • villas;
  • houses with a plot and sea views
  • apartments;
  • penthouses and townhouses;
  • bungalow
  • studio apartments and more.

Thanks to direct cooperation with home owners and large developers, we quickly select the most profitable and attractive options for our clients.

Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus
Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus
Introductory tour in Northern Cyprus

Features of the stay program in the TRNC

The viewing tour includes several features:

  1. Booking the date of arrival and departure home. We will meet you at the airport and place you in a comfortable hotel.
  2. First meeting. Our employee will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the office, where you will discuss all your wishes for investing in real estate.
  3. Moving around the country. You will get acquainted with the peculiarities of life in Cyprus and inspect real estate objects together with the manager in a personal car.

If you are planning to obtain a residence permit for Northern Cyprus, the easiest and fastest way is to purchase real estate. Call our managers and they will tell you in detail about all the available options.

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