Where to buy property in Northern Cyprus

Apartment in Northern Cyprus

The territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus attracts tourists, investors, and connoisseurs of a comfortable life. Today, investments in real estate are increasing. This is due to the favorable climate for living, the unique English atmosphere, and a relaxed lifestyle. The warm Mediterranean Sea, sultry sun for six months, picturesque views - all this attracts thousands of travelers and businessmen. After the resolution of the interethnic conflict on the territory of Northern Cyprus in 1974, the island was divided into two parts. The south and north sides differ significantly in many respects. They are distinguished by their lifestyle, housing costs, and living expenses.

Foreigners, in particular Russians, in modern times prefer to buy real estate in the Turkish part of Northern Cyprus. Here you will find reasonable prices, a unique atmosphere and modern universities.

A large number of Russians are becoming the owner of a seaside apartment 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 or a studio. Changes that have occurred in local legislation have regulated issues related to disputed territories. The real estate market in Northern Cyprus is growing, entering and leaving the country has become much easier.

The Red Feniks company provides assistance to foreigners in preparing documents for moving to Cyprus:

  • We organize a sightseeing tour;
  • selecting real estate;
  • We assist in concluding a purchase and sale agreement;
  • We help with obtaining a residence permit.

House in Northern CyprusClients are concerned with the question: where to buy housing? The choice is based on personal preference. The solution to the issue is influenced by the purpose of acquiring real estate. Nature lovers should take a closer look at Bahceli, Esentepe and Tatlis, located on the coastal strip away from noisy centers. If the goal is permanent residence and you like mountainous terrain, then you should choose Zeytinlink, Bellapais, Doankoy or Ozankoy. Also suitable for permanent residence are the areas of Lapta, Catalkoy, Alsancak. The most developing new region of Northern Cyprus is Esentepe, life here has beneficial advantages:

  • a series of luxury resorts, modern apartments, villas, complexes;
  • the presence of swimming pools, restaurants, gyms, bars inside the complex;
  • the ability to entrust the management of housing to a management company during absence.

Are you planning to move to Northern Cyprus and buy property? Write to us via online chat or call the phone number listed on the main page of the site - we will answer all your questions.

Accommodation in Kyrenia

Villa by the sea in Northern Cyprus

For a comfortable life, foreigners often choose Kyrenia, a cozy ancient city with a beautiful bay for ships. Life in Kyrenia is quite lively, with lots of shopping and entertainment. At night, cafes and bars on the embankment are open until late. If you drive just 20 minutes outside the city, you can see a series of magnificent sandy beaches. Those who appreciate solitude on the sandy shore will appreciate this connection with nature.

The cost of real estate depends on the distance from the coast.

If the purpose of buying a home is permanent residence and education of children in schools, then you should take a closer look at such popular regions as:

  • Chatalkoy;
  • Girne;
  • Lapta;
  • Alsancak.

Local residents are distinguished by their generosity, responsiveness, and readiness to help at any time.

Apartments in Famagusta

Apartments in TRNC

Famagusta is a favorable city for buying property in Northern Cyprus, located on the Mediterranean coast. Today Famagusta is one of the “youngest” cities of the TRNC due to the large number of students.

Here you can visit the ruins of a medieval castle, temples, mosques, parks, and gardens. There are many museums in the city where you can learn more about the history of the place. You can stroll along the narrow streets, enjoy the architecture of Venetian buildings, visit restaurants and cafes. Famagusta has some of the best beaches on the island, often called "golden sand" for its white sandy surface. This is a unique place that combines history, nature, tradition, innovation and real estate investment opportunities. The best options for permanent residence will be complexes in Boaz, Bafra, Iskele.

Studios in Iskele

Iskele is a picturesque resort town on the north-eastern coast of Northern Cyprus, a great place to buy property. Located just a few kilometers from Famagusta. The region is famous for its crystal clear water, and there are other entertainments - a water park, fishing, horse riding. The city has many restaurants and cafes with excellent local cuisine. Cozy studios are the most popular housing option. Developers offer modern, improved options with renovation and furniture. Many foreigners choose to live in a spacious, comfortable studio. The cost of real estate in Iskele in Northern Cyprus varies and depends on the distance from the coast, the reputation of the developer, and the presence of an administrative center.

Apartments in Iskele

Iskele is located near Famagusta on the east coast of the island. The city is a popular resort thanks to its beautiful beaches, clean sea, and modern real estate. Here you can also visit mosques, temples, and castle ruins. But the main attraction is the beaches and white sand. Iskele is a good starting point for adventures in Northern Cyprus. The city attracts not only with its beautiful beaches, attractions, and friendly atmosphere, but also offers good apartments in new complexes under construction.

Buying real estate in Northern Cyprus is a reality for many foreigners - here you can choose an apartment, a villa by the sea, a house, or a cottage to suit your taste.

Benefits of Alsancak

Alsancak is an attractive place to buy a home. The city has a long history; its old district is one of the most popular places on the island with narrow streets and Venetian architecture. Alsancak is famous for its beautiful beaches, where you can relax, plunge into the warm sea, and try different types of water activities. Several of the most famous and expensive hotels in Northern Cyprus are located here.

Advantages of buying property in Alsancak in Northern Cyprus:

  • amazing mountain views;
  • Cypriot atmosphere;
  • modern restaurants;
  • large Russian-speaking diaspora.

Houses in Lapta

Buying property (houses, villas) in Lapta, Northern Cyprus can be an excellent choice. In particular, life here will appeal to those who strive for peace and tranquility. There are many new residential complexes available for sale in the city. Prices depend on the area, number of rooms, location, and condition of the house.

When purchasing a home in Cyprus, it is important to make sure that all documents are in order. And the property meets all modern standards of comfort and safety.

Are you planning to buy property in Northern Cyprus? Our company’s specialists will help with selection and design. We can also recommend good universities. Contact us!