Investments in real estate in Northern Cyprus

Tourists in Northern Cyprus are attracted by ideal properties that fully meet the needs of buyers and are reasonably priced. The TRNC has a large selection of apartments in resort complexes with hotel infrastructure, houses and land plots, hotels, warehouses and retail facilities, which ensures a comfortable life and contributes to the development of your own business.

Our company employs investment consultants with extensive experience who provide comprehensive specialized support at all stages of investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus. Immigration to Northern Cyprus attracts Russian-speaking citizens due to the presence of a large Russian community and everything necessary for a comfortable life.

According to statistics, the majority of emigrants are representatives of the middle and upper class. The main reasons for purchasing real estate in the TRNC are the unstable economic and political situation in the home country. In Cyprus, people manage to find a calm, affordable and safe life.

Northern Cyprus for investors

There are several reasons why investors invest their savings in housing in Northern Cyprus:

  1. Affordable prices. In addition to a large number of other advantages, you can buy real estate in the TRNC at an economical price. On average, property prices are 25% less than in other European countries. When purchasing in a complex under construction, a very favorable installment plan is provided, which for some developers extends for several years after completion of construction. This makes it possible to rent out the purchased property and use rental income to pay the loan balance.
  2. Simplicity of the procedure. Every foreign investor has access to investments in real estate in Northern Cyprus with the help of a lawyer who is issued a power of attorney in the TRNC. The contract preparation process is straightforward and can be agreed upon via email.
  3. Resident card. After concluding a contract for the purchase and sale of real estate in Northern Cyprus, regardless of its value, you can obtain a residence permit. After a certain period of time, you can apply for permanent residence, and children born in the TRNC can also benefit from this right.
  4. Rising real estate prices. Recently, the construction and purchase of real estate in the TRNC has noticeably increased in price, due to new projects. The average increase is about 30%, but there are projects where the cost has increased by 100% over the year. This is a unique chance for investors to invest their money profitably.
  5. Development of the field of education. The total number of educational institutions where you can get secondary and higher education in TRSL in English has exceeded 30. The number of academic institutions is increasing annually due to the opening of new universities.

If you are planning to buy property in Northern Cyprus, contact the specialists of our company.

We will help you prepare a package of documents for purchasing housing at a favorable price, and also select the most suitable options for investing in real estate in the TRNC.

Benefits of investing in North Island property

Real estate in the Republic of Turkey attracts the attention of a large number of foreign investors, which is associated with the following advantages:

  • the total number of sunny days per year in the TRNC is about 300;
  • clean sea and beautiful sandy beaches;
  • good ecology;
  • low crime rates;
  • affordable real estate prices;
  • high quality food;
  • low taxes;
  • loyal attitude of local authorities to the source of income of foreign citizens.

This is just a small part of the benefits that you can get when buying real estate in the TRNC.

Obtaining a residence permit without worries

The most common and easiest way to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is to purchase real estate. There is no minimum investment here, unlike Turkey, so you can become a resident of the republic even if you buy real estate in Northern Cyprus at the lowest price. After a certain period of permanent residence in the territory of the UK, you can submit a request for citizenship.

A residence permit is provided not only to the investor, but also to his immediate relatives: spouse and minor children. We also note that children under 18 years of age receive a residence permit automatically without submitting a separate application.

When purchasing real estate, a residence permit is granted for 1 year, after which it is extended for 2 years.